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In His First Term, Rob has worked an many important issues, including:

  • Making sure every worker has access to sick leave
  • Expanding voter access through “New Motor Voter” 
  • Raising our minimum wage;
  • Passing the largest K-12 school budget since before the “Great Recession” and funding full-day kindergarten for the first time
  • Phasing out Styrofoam in schools
  • Banning “conversion therapy” a harmful practice targeted at LGBTQ youth

Rob plans to continue working for Oregon by targetting the following issues:

  • Get the lead out of our water and toxins out of our air
  • Find solutions for Oregon's budgetary concerns by generating new revenue
  • Clean up diesel engine emissions
  • Find more funding for education at all levels including early childhood education, colleges and universities
  • Continue to fight for work place justice
  • Make rent stabilization regulations possible in our community
  • Help lower health care and prescription drug costs
  • Continue to work on police reform and ending racial profiling
  • Supporting any reasonable gun control laws that can pass