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Legislative Accomplishments


  • Diesel Pollution Regulations - HB 2007 (2019): Oregon has one of the highest rates of both diesel pollution and asthma in the country. This bill sets a timeline to phase out the dirtiest diesel engines in the Portland Metro Area. Rob is also on a newly created diesel pollution taskforce to find funding mechanisms to help businesses upgrade their fleets to meet the new standards.
  • Fracking Moratorium - HB 2623 (2019): Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is damaging to the climate and the wellbeing of local communities. Rob hopes to one day make this moratorium permanent.
  • Offshore Drilling Ban - SB 256 (2019): A permanent ban on all off-shore fossil fuel exploration or production.
  • Single-Use Plastic Bags - HB 2509 (2019): Single-use plastics cause a great deal of environmental damage. HB 2509 bans the use of single-use plastic bags from being used in retail stores and restaurants.​​


  • ​​Tenant Protections - SB 608 (2019): This law creates the first-in-the-nation rent controls on a state level. It also limits the circumstances in which landlords can force an eviction, requires longer notice for evictions, and creates a system of relocation assistance. While this bill is a good start, Rob would like to see the state law repealed that blocks local governments in Oregon from being able to enact their own rent controls and other tenant protections.​

Worker’s Rights

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave - HB 2005 (2019): Every Oregonian should be able to take care of a loved one in the event of an illness or the arrival of a new baby. Rob worked to pass HB 2005 to create a statewide insurance program so that no Oregonian has to decide between paying their bills and taking care of a loved one.
  • Workplace Fairness Act - SB 726 (2019): This bill creates important protections for Oregonians facing sexual harassment in the workplace and makes it more difficult for employers to sidestep harassment or discrimination claims. SB 726 also creates protections against discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, religion, sex, gender identity, disability, and other protected classes.​

Tax Fairness

  • Student Success Act - HB 3427 (2019): Rob helped pass the Student Success Act, a one billion dollar per year tax on corporations to fund K-12 education, the largest business tax increase in Oregon's history. The Student Success Act was built on work that he did in 2017 as a member of the Revenue Committee.​

Civil Rights

  • Equal Access to Roads - HB 2015 (2019): Every Oregonian should be able to drive on our roads as long as they have insurance and pass the driver’s test. This bill allows undocumented Oregonians to obtain a driver’s license. 
  • Equality for Transgender and Nonbinary Oregonians - HB 2673 (2017): Rob introduced this bill that makes it easier for transgender and nonbinary Oregonians to change their government-issued identity documents to reflect who they are. ​

Health Care

  • Protecting Medicaid - HB 2010 (2019): This bill stabilized funding for the Oregon Health Plan, which provides coverage for more than one quarter of Oregonians and over 400,000 children.
  • Prescription Drug Price Transparency - HB 4005 (2018): This bill is critical in understanding the drivers behind drug price increases and helps the Legislature and state agencies understand how to tackle the spiraling costs of prescription drugs.
  • Moving closer to Single-Payer Healthcare - SB 770 (2019): Rob carried this bill on the floor of the House and championed it during the debate among his colleagues. It creates a workgroup to study how Oregon can one day implement single-payer care.
  • Cover All Kids - SB 558 (2017): This bill made all children in Oregon eligible for healthcare, regardless of their immigration status or their family’s income.
  • Reproductive Health Equity - HB 3391 (2017): Rob co-sponsored the Reproductive Health Equity Act, ensuring access to reproductive health for all Oregonians regardless of income, immigration status, or gender identity.​

Elections and Campaign Finance Reform:

  • National Popular Vote - SB 870 (2019): Twice in the last quarter century, the candidate with the most votes in a Presidential election has nonetheless lost. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact will give the Electoral College votes of all participating states to the winner of the popular vote. Rob sponsored SB 870 to have Oregon join the compact with other states to make sure the vote of every American counts equally.
  • Money Is Not Speech - SJR 18 (2019): In 1994, Oregonians voted to limit political campaign contribution, but the new law was thrown out because the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that money is a form of political speech. As a member of the House Rules Committee, Rob passed SJR 18, which will place on the 2020 ballot a measure to amend the Oregon Constitution to state that money is not speech.​
  • Pre-Paid Postage for Ballots - SB 861 (2019): Building on the success of the 2015 Motor Voter Act, Rob helped remove another barrier to voting by allowing voters to mail in their ballot without a stamp.